@Tyrese4ReaL “The Love Line” Beauty of Being A Woman

October 5, 2015

TWITTER.  I'm sure by now you've heard of it.  Twitter is like the modern day chat and EVERYBODY is starting to join in on the discussions.

Each and every day more and more everyday people and celebrities alike are coming on board and really just building themselves a playground.  I won't go into the long list of celebrities on twitter, but what I will do is put you on to one of my favorites.

LADIES, a good celebrity to follow is Tyrese Gibson @Tyrese4ReaL for real.  Tyrese is establishing himself to be a real interesting conversation piece, inspiring both men and women (particularly women) to make a change within themselves to be a better person.  He comes off as a man that enjoys talking with the ladies and making them feel good about themselves.  He likes to call his following twitter friends, “The Love Circle.”

The Love Circle is simply about positive vibe. Being comfortable expressing who you are. Positive thinking and spreading positive thoughts making the positive vibes grow.  He does this by getting everybody in The Love Circle involved, asking interesting questions to make you think and respond with thought.

While he's not the only one, @iamdiddy is a great positive motivator as well, but as I mentioned, Tyrese is more for the women (a ladies man).

This week he's taken it a step further and started “The Love Line” 🙂 that's not really what he calls it, but it fits.

When I called the line (which by the way is free), actually I take that back, I listened online here, he started off by giving a little about himself, why he's doing what he's doing, a little reassurance that who you're “tweeting” with is really the real Tyrese, clears up some rumors about his personal life and then goes all in on how what he's doing is not about him, it's all about him “sharing” and trying to help make you a better you by sharing his experiences and asking that you simply open up your mind and share more. That means if it's just thinking about what he's saying and taking it seriously enough to know that it's real, then acting on it by being a positive figure. That alone will bring about change.

To my surprise, I received an automated call back this evening and “The Love Line” continued…. Part 2 of the call was just a reminder…


Summarizing what he said, “women should stop being discouraged from being a “real woman” just because what you're bringing to the table is being “overlooked." If a man gives you doubts about yourself, or brings out your insecurities – stand up and take control.  Take control by loving yourself enough to let it go and move on to something new.  Life is too short. Don't be afraid to let go, and don't blame yourself when things don't work out right.  It's usually the “real women” out here that are being taken for granted, so “Love Yourself” and stay positive and NEVER let anyone steal your heart.”

So yes, ladies, if you're going through anything right now in your life and need some relationship advice, or just like to know what a man thinketh 🙂 and be reassured that you are not alone… check him out. “The Love Line” continues…  I always like to know just what the hail a man is thinking, sometimes it's just hard to tell.