Ugly Betty’s Urine Trail of Beauty Secrets

October 5, 2015


Vanessa also confesses her love for Botox injections, admitting she couldn’t live without the age-defying touch-ups. In a revealing chat with Barbara Walters, which aired on Oscar night, Williams, 44, opens up about her “love” for Botox. She says, “I certainly do Botox, which I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has imbibed. “It’s a miracle drug — no cutting, nothing — and I love it!”

“At 40,” Vanessa revealed. “It was kind of one of those let me try it things. I do it sporadically. I do it when I want to feel refreshed and I certainly don’t do it to the point where I can’t — I mean my livelihood is acting. If I can’t move my face, if I have no expression, especially for the character Wilhelmina Slater, I would have no job if I couldn’t, you know, scowl and raise my eyebrow,” Vanessa continued. “I hope by the time I need a face lift, they will have some kind of magic tape you can put and it will dissolve, no cutting, no recovery,” she said.

One way she keeps her amazing physique toned is through yoga. Vanessa tells Access Hollywood “Yoga is a nice escape even though it’s a lot of hard work and you end up sweating a lot”. According to her yoga instructor Darin Candler, Vanessa exercises everyday. She also has a personal trainer, but she admits she still sees flaws. “There are certain areas that I have to camouflage,” Vanessa said. “I haven’t had a tummy tuck yet so I have skin because I have been pregnant four times. On the red carpet I’ve always got my Spanks from under-bust to mid-thigh.”

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