Unbelievable: Man Claims He's Been Hexed and Now Growing A Vagina

October 5, 2015

Some things are just so far fetched you really don't know what to believe. A Malawi man says he developed strange human flesh two years ago that his wife confirmed to resemble female genitals. The flesh eventually disappeared, but later his “member” shrunk and the flesh returned.

He also claims he's been to herbalists who have managed to contain any further development, but his male parts are too weak and he can't perform in bed. He added that the female flesh itches and when he scratches fluid comes out and later blood flows like menses.

He believes he's been bewitched by his mother-in-law and another man from whom he snatched a second wife.

“I believe that these are the people responsible for my suffering,” he complained. “They have ruined my future.”

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