UPDATED: Video of Black Man Run Over and Killed By Racist Teens Surfaces

October 5, 2015

In what appears to be a rather common story on hate crimes in the South, two young white men ran over a black man; killing him instantly.

According to reports, the teens were looking for a black man to assault in Mississippi’s largest city when one of them ran over a 49-year-old African-American with a pickup truck after he had been assaulted, killing the man, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

James Anderson was run over by a Ford pickup outside a Jackson hotel near dawn on June 26 and died later in the hospital.

“It was an intentional act and it was a hate crime,” the prosecutor said. It was also stated that the drivers rejoiced after the incident occurred. One of the teens called a friend to say: “I just ran that nigger over.”

Exclusive video obtained by CNN shows the graphic scene of the crime in full effect (see below).