Vanessa Williams and Iman Confess Insecurities

October 5, 2015

It’s actually not too surprising to learn that Vanessa Williams has self-esteem issues with her personal beauty — being that botox is a treatment that she once stated she can’t live without.

And Iman — it’s a wonder if age is starting to take a toll on her thinking. After her random beauty comment on Michelle Obama’s beauty being not that great — I’m a little annoyed by her frame of thought like maybe she thinks hers is the greatest?

In any case, these two high profile celebrities are no exception when it comes to how most women feel about certain features about themselves they wish they could change.

According to NYDN: The launch of renowned makeup artist Sam Fine’s new DVD, “The Basics of Beauty,” is where Iman and Vanessa Williams confessed their insecurities.

“I don’t like my legs!” supermodel Iman says. “It’s why I wear pants most of the time.”

Williams confessed that her biggest beauty obstacle is her skin. “If there’s a day where my skin is not looking great, I have to have more coverage,” said the “Ugly Betty” star. “With high-definition TV, there is no such thing as too much makeup!”

But their guru Fine begged to differ. “These women inspire me so much,” he said. “They have such different features — Vanessa’s eyes, Iman’s bone structure. They both mean something so special to me.”

When asked who they thought were their best-looking peer in Hollywood — even without any touch-ups?

Said Iman: “Angelina Jolie. She’s a beauty. Cameron Diaz, too, and Halle Berry!”

Offered Williams: “Kim Basinger. She’s always got incredible, luminous skin. And Julianne Moore seems like she’s got very natural, gorgeous skin.”