Video Fashion: Estelle In Fall Furs and Michael Kors for ‘Thank You’

October 9, 2015

Estelle premiered her much anticipated video for her latest single “Thank You” earlier today (Jan. 18). And with Sean John model Tracey Dukes as her leading man, it’s only fair that the video includes some good fashion.

Directed by Iren Sheffield, and shot in L.A., “Thank You” places Estelle in a dark place, with her showing signs of depression. She thinks back on the times she shared with the love of her life, realizing he wasn’t what she really wanted. Several scenes show Estelle in a walk-in closet, where she continues to fight the hurt and pain caused by the relationship, and she makes the decision to walk away from love.

A few notables throughout the video are the fall fur jacket trends, and the ever-so-sexy dress design by Michael Kors, which was also worn by Beyonce during New York Fashion Week.