Video Fashion: Rihanna In Vivienne Westwood for Coldplay: The Princess of China

October 5, 2015

Rihanna recently shared a few photos from her upcoming video for “Coldplay: The Princess of China.” And without the title, it would be difficult to explain her choice of fashion.

In one scene, Rihanna is shown wearing a flowing Kimono style jumpsuit that knots at the ankles. The design was custom made by Adam Selman. She paired the look with Vivienne Westwood wooden heel shoes.

The complete look comes from the Fall 2012 runway, where floor length wrap dresses are connected by the legs, and made into jumpsuits. It's definitely a new trend, and the creation is one that could only be thought up by creative minds. Shown above are designs by Vivienne Westwood.

Shown below are a few more designs with the same idea by Diane Von Furstenberg that are not so over-the-top. They can easily be worn as everyday wear by the modern woman.