Viola Davis Has Five-Year-Old Competition on The Academy Awards Red Carpet

October 5, 2015

A kids beauty pageant mimicking the red carpet of the 2012 Academy Awards has managed to cause a lot of mixed feelings about what’s cute, and what’s taking it too far.

Five and six year old girls dressing up like adult Oscar nominees was nothing more than pretty little ladies having fun to some, but to others it was a disgrace, and an exploitation of our youth. One male commenter on African Heritage City says:

“I have to say that this picture is very disturbing to me. We complain about pedophiles molesting our children and yet we, as a society, parade our children half dressed, allowing our children to be objectified and sexualized . I am not saying we must blame the victims for being victimized but we should all agree that these are not the values we should instill in our children. Got damn shame…..:”

Another male commenter says: “This is not cute at all. How to see a child looking like a grown woman is cute? This is an abuse to her childhood.”

What are your thoughts? Are parents taking it too far by allowing their children the freedom to experience beauty at a young age, or are some people just taking innocent child activities too serious?