Virginia Ladies Beware: The Latin Butt Slasher Is Alive and On The Loose

October 5, 2015

No, he's not going around cutting off ponytails on the bus, or peeping under the stalls in department store dressing rooms, or even exposing his private parts while walking down the aisles at Wal-Mart. But, what he is doing is slashing a**. So much, that he's being dubbed the serial Latin “Butt Slasher.”

That's right, striking in stores across Virginia, a man described as a heavyset Latino in his late 20s who stands about 5-foot-6, is going around scratching butts with a blade. The last known attack was on July 25 at the Fair Oaks Mall.

In each case, police say the slasher targeted women in their teens or early twenties who were shopping in retail stores. Police say he distracts his victims, slashes at their buttocks with a box cutter and takes off running.

One can't help but recognize the title “Latin Butt Slasher” is very similar to the “African Booty Scratcher,” but obviously there is a difference.