Walmart Shopper Oversteps His Bounderies by Shooting At Shoplifter

October 5, 2015

It seems the idea you might be killed while trying to shoplift at your local Walmart store is not a determining factor for some shoplifters. The thievery in these stores still continues, even after previous reports several shoplifters have died while making attempts to get away. In the latest turn of events for Walmart; however, rather than security going through extreme measures to capture a suspect, another shopper decided to play cops and robbers by shooting several rounds into a shoplifters vehicle.

According to reports, shopper, Jose Martinez, 35, shot at shopflifter Eddie McGee in an Orange County, Florida, Walmart, as he tried to make his way out of the store. The reports claim McGee pushed a woman down and Martinez opened fire as he chased McGee to his car.  He shot several holes into the vehicle as well as taking out the back window.

McGee is charged with retail theft, but Martinez, on the other hand, is charged with aggravated battery and shooting into an occupied vehicle.  Martinez told WESH that he was merely trying to mark the car for police and that he saw something happening and just wanted to help.