No Means NO NUNS on the Catwalk PLEASE

October 5, 2015

God forgive me for laughing (lmao), but some of the news I come across is just plain ridiculous. Growing up Catholic in a Catholic school environment, never in all my days would I have thought the grouchy sisters that taught me general education and college prep classes, punished me for wearing lipstick and skirts a few inches too short, would some day want to walk the catwalk to let the world know they too like the things that most women do… GLAMOUR

From Rome: An Italian priest backtracked from his idea to organize an online beauty pageant for nuns, saying Tuesday he had
been misunderstood after it incurred protests.

The Rev. Antonio Rungi had thought of the contest to give nuns more visibility within the Catholic Church and to fight the stereotype that they are all old and dour. But he changed his mind about the “Miss Sister 2008” contest after seeing reports that suggested nuns would be metaphorically put on a catwalk. He said what he had in mind was not just external beauty but what he called “overall beauty.”

I actually can’t blame The Rev. for changing his mind about a “Miss Sister 2008”. It doesn’t even sound right. People will laugh! Not only will people laugh but things would just change, I couldn’t even begin to explain. It’s just all wrong! No nuns on the catwalk PLEASE.