What Would You Do If Your Significant Other Lost Body Parts?

October 5, 2015

Imagine being a happily married mom going in for a minor surgical procedure that turned out to be a nightmare, leaving you without legs to walk on (literally).

That's exactly what happened to Stacey Galette, a 30-year-old Brooklyn woman, who is currently suing a Long Island hospital claiming doctors botched a simple gynecological procedure that left her a double amputee.

Galette insists she was perfectly healthy before going to the hospital. She claims doctors punctured her intestine during the procedure, triggering an infection, blood poisoning and gangrene in her lower legs.

Before the procedure, she was married, living on Long Island and working full time. Now she's going through a divorce, living with her mother in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and struggling to learn how to walk again.

It's a very sad and unfortunate situation, and the question here is: What would you do if your significant other were to lose both of their legs, or other body parts in an unexpected situation? Would you stay, or would you leave?