Whitney Houston's Disoriented Performance Disappoints Fans

March 7, 2010

Whitney Houston's bad performance for her Australian comeback tour has fans pretty angry, and complaining about the croaky and disoriented quality of her voice.

According to various sources, Whitney was not in shape to perform, and after a half a dozen songs she was out of breath and  took a 20 minute break , during which time she brought on her brother, Gary Houston, to sing in her absence.

One fan interviewed on Australian TV after the show said: 'It was a disgrace. 'She can't sing. She didn't sing one song properly.

'She was disorientated and she needed a 20-minute break. It was the first concert I have walked out of in my life.' Another fan said: 'She couldn't entertain a dead rat, to be honest.'

Some fans went as far to say they will be demanding their money back.

In Whitney's defense, her promoter Andrew McManus said he was proud and honored to be associated with such an “amazing talent.” He followed that by saying people who expected to hear Houston of 20 years ago, should go buy a CD. Judging by Australia's reaction better that than a ticket to one of her concerts.