Who Hit My Baby? Angry Mom Barges on School Bus Demanding to Know

October 5, 2015

Parents don't play around when it comes to protecting their children, and many of them don't have a problem putting hands on another child for that very purpose.

Several months back, an angry dad barged onto his daughters school bus and threatened to kill anyone who fought her. He later made a public apology after realizing he had probably went a little too far (watch as he re-enacts a scene from a Tyler Perry movie here).

“Who hit my baby?!?,” that's what an angry Florida mom wanted to know before she boarded her daughter's school bus and smacked the kid who did in the mouth. She then pleaded with the driver to let her off “the f*ck*ng bus” when she found herself locked in. According to reports, she's currently being held without bond for child abuse and other non-related charges (see video coverage below).

Moral of the story here is, far too many parents get involved in situations that should be resolved between peers. Although it can be difficult at times to find solutions, unless parents want to be locked up and leave their child in the care of another, they should learn to come together in other ways to keep the bullies at bay.