Clear Footage of Michael Jackson’s Hair on Fire

October 5, 2015

New footage has emerged of Michael Jackson’s hair on fire from his Pepsi commercial accident 1984. Can we just say this was definitely a man down code 10 situation… allegedly the beginning of a life long addiction to painkillers for the King of Pop.

The new footage clearly shows Jackson’s whole head on fire and that Jackson is unaware of the flames at first and continues dancing (literally doing the burning man) before people rushed to his aid. He was later rushed to hospital and treated for second degree burns to the back of his head which scarred his hair follicles and left him with a major bald patch.

Jackson underwent 80 minutes of laser surgery for cicatricial alopecia and according to Leonora Doclis, senior trichologist at the Belgravia Centre, while laser surgery can make the scar smaller, it won’t help in generating hair growth from the scar.

Cicatricial alopecia is a broad term that includes all forms of hair loss concerning inflammation directed at the hair follicle.

“Apparently the laser treatment reduced the scar to palm-size, but that is huge,” Leonora says. “If the follicles are damaged they will not produce hair. It is very unlikely that his hair grew back after this treatment.”