Wife Claims Husband Was Too Nice and It Scared Her

October 13, 2015

During a legal battle in Divorce Court, wife claims everything was fine in their relationship, they were like best friends, except he was too nice. Is that possible?

When asked to explain what she meant by too nice, she goes on to say, “It was a scary nice, a stalkerish nice, too good to be true kind of nice. The kind of nice that makes you wonder if next he was going to abuse her.” Hummm.

While many may think it’s not possible for a man to be too nice, it can be a red flag in some cases. Don’t believe me, just watch:

At any rate, in this woman’s case, I’m not so sure. I’m thinking for her to feel her husband was too nice, maybe she suffered abuse at some point, and she’s just not expressing it in a way to make the judge and viewers understand. Not everybody has experienced domestic violence, so not everybody knows what being too nice can mean.