Wild 94.9 Interviews AC Transit Epic Beardman's Component

February 3, 2015

The fight between a black man and a 67 year old war veteran, also known as Vietnam Tom or Epic Beard Man is still a huge topic of discussion.

Vietnam Tom had his say about what happened on Oakland, CA's AC Transit prompting him to do what he calls “The Ali Shuffle” during a number of interviews, and judging by his combination of stories and the way he speaks, it's safe to say Tom is definitely somewhere in the range of 51/50.

Wild 94.9 had the opportunity to interview with Tom's component, Michael, to hear his side, and what we learn first is that he's not the youngster everyone believed he was, in fact he's been living half a century clocking in at the age of 50. What we learn next is that he blames the a** whooping Vietnam Tom put on him on the alcohol. We also learn that everything Tom had to say about Michael's criminal history is not true.

The question now is, after hearing both sides of the story about what happened between the two, and learning that Michael is no youngin, does it change people's views any in regards to Michael being taught a lesson on respecting his elders, or does it simply prove that some people are plain crazy?