Will Smith's Ex Wife Whoops Ash and Speaks on Relationship with Jada

October 5, 2015

Sheree Fletcher, the ex-wife of Will Smith and mother of his oldest son Trey, is whooping ash. Find out just what ash is in the “official video” for Whoop Ash below.

Besides being business savvy in the beauty industry, Fletcher, who is currently married to Terelle Fletcher, a former running back for the San Diego Chargers, recently sat down to chat with Marketing Ministry about parenting with Will Smith, her “friendly” relationship with Will's wife, Jada, and how that all pans out in her own marriage.

“There has to be forgiveness, there has to be compromise,” said Sheree when speaking on her parenting with Will. “And it's been a blessing because we've been able to do that.”

“One of the things I never did (I know sometimes we have a tendency to use our kids as pawns) and if I’m mad at you then you’re not going to see your father. That’s so foolish, because you’re taking it out on your child,” Sheree explained.

On her relationship with Jada: “I’ve had people ask me, ‘Are you and Jada friends?’ Jada and I are friendly, absolutely,” she said. “And see, too, it depends on your understanding of the word friend. Jada and I don’t do things separately from the kids – like, ‘Girl, what you doing today? Let’s get lunch.’ Or ‘Let’s go see a movie.’

“We don’t cross that line. Because, see, now what happens is if we have an issue in our friendship, it affects everything. Now it affects the kids…. We have to really preserve what we have and guard it. You’ve gotta have boundaries.” (read more)