Will The Controversy over What’s Good Hair Ever End?

October 5, 2015

Let me snap my fingers, put my hands on my hips and let my back bone slip, smack my lips, swirl my neck and roll my eyes for a minute, since that’s what us black women with serious attitudes are known to do :-/

It’s obvious that Chris Rock has started something huge with his documentary Good Hair, and personally I’m sick of all the talk about Good Hair in the media and elsewhere.

Reviews of the film have been both good and bad, with many people leaning more towards feeling offended by the way Rock apparently depicts African American women in a humiliating way. The film also apparently did not include the fact that not only black women wear weaves or use chemicals in their hair.

I haven’t yet seen the movie as it is just now reaching my city today, but to be honest I’m not really sure I even want to see it, because I can just imagine it’s only more of the same old never ending controversy that I try real hard to ignore.

The world is so obsessed over the difference between African American hair compared to other cultures that it’s become more than ridiculous the amount of attention we get when it comes to doing what the rest of society does; which is groom ourselves. Why must people always dig so deep into the roots and the racial history of shit? It’s really not that complicated to understand that we are women; we like to look and feel good; we like to try different things just like everybody else.

Anyway, I like this video because even though it’s redundant, it actually gives a different outlook on Good Hair from women who choose to wear their hair natural; another something that Chris Rock is said to have failed to do.