Woman Forced To Adhere To Sexually Charged Workplace Dress Code

October 5, 2015

It's really hard to understand what goes on in the mind of a sick people, but one Utah County woman is learning first hand that you can find them just about anywhere; in her case, the workplace.

In a civil complaint filed last week in U.S. District Court, Trudy Nycole Anderson, 44, says her ex-supervisor Derek Wright sexually harassed her for years, even giving her a provocative memo dictating what she should wear for the week.

The memo consisted of a schedule that included: Mini-skirt Monday, Tube-top Tuesday, Wet T-shirt Wednesday, No bra Thursday, and Bikini Top Friday, according to the Salt-Lake Tribune which obtained a copy of the complaint.

The complaint also claims, Anderson's boss “repeatedly asked her about her breast size and talked about her breasts in front of other employees…. He also slapped her on the buttocks, asked her to expose her breasts, requested oral sex, and taunted her about whether she shaved her pubic area.”

The complaint goes on to say, Anderson's boss not only harassed her, but other workers in the office as well. He was so perverted that he watched porn in his office, sprayed a product around the office that he claims was meant to arouse women, had plans to install a shower so that he and Anderson could shower together, and even offered her a recipe for “sex cake.”