Woman Gets 9-Months in Jail for Oakland Salon Owner Beating

October 5, 2015

Cavenia Bryant, the woman shown beating an Oakland beauty salon owner, Mellisa Egerton in a viral youtube video that had the internet going wild had her day in court today, April 30.

In a small-packed, tension-filled court room that called for a half-a-dozen security officers, families of both sides were expressing their anger with each other, and many had to be escorted from the courtroom, reports abc news.

Bryant, who is the alleged daughter of Charles Cosby of Cocaine Cowboys was found guilty of misdemeanor battery and false imprisonment and is said to receive a sentence of 9-months in county jail, three years of probation and 55 hours of anger management.

Another defendant in the case, Jaymillya Edgerton, who was shown kicking and punching the victim is still on the run, and Tasha Bell, the videographer and daughter of Charles Cosby of Cocaine Cowboys was killed by a motorcycle during an apparent “side show” January 30, 2010.