WOW: Real Mafia Style Murder Caught On Video Camera

October 5, 2015

The things that are circulating over the internet these days are becoming more and more disturbing, and hard for the mind to register as being real.

What we have here is really the type of shit you would normally only see in the movies.

A horrific footage, which was captured by closed circuit cameras, shows an assassin walk up to a man in broad daylight outside a bar in Naples and shoot him three times.

As the victim slumps to the ground, the hitman then finishes him off with a bullet to the head and calmly walks away. Blood can be seen spreading onto the pavement from the head of the dead man, who is still holding a cigarette in his hand.

He was named as Mariano Bacio Tarracino, 53, and is believed to have been connected to a mafia clan involved in a drug trafficking turf war with a rival group. Anti-mafia investigators said they released the horrific footage of the murder, which happened in May, because they still had not managed to find the killer – despite the fact that the angle of the surveillance cameras means that his face is clearly visible beneath his baseball cap. He even seems to be smirking after carrying out the execution.


I bet if that man had known it would be the last puff of a cigarette he would ever be smoking, he would have hauled ass before the hitman had the opportunity to come back outside and off him like that.