You Just Might Wanna Think Twice Before Flying US Airways!

October 5, 2015

I actually had to double check to make sure I didn't have any plans for flying US Airways anytime soon, or EVER for that matter. Not only because the NAACP has filed a suit against the airlines claiming they discriminate against their black employees, but also because they're hated by Muslims.

According to Philadelphia Business Today, US Airways is being accused of discriminating against African American employees by assigning them to less desirable gates and shifts, and by giving work areas dominated by African American employees racially loaded nicknames such as “Compton,” “Camden,” and “The Ghetto.”

Shifts and areas with more white workers are called “Frankford,” “South Philly,” and “King of Prussia,” the suit says.

The suit, which was filed late yesterday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, claims that US Airways Group Inc. employees and managers openly used the derogatory terms, and would refer to individual African American employees as being “ghetto” or “hood.”

As I stated earlier, the airline is also not very well liked by Muslims. The image above stems from a 2006 boycott by the group after Islamic religious leaders were ordered off their flight for their praying, conversation and alleged behavior.

The imams denied that they did or said anything that could be considered threatening. They were released without charges after being questioned for five hours by federal law enforcement officials.

Shahin, president of the imams' group, called for the boycott after an agent and his supervisor, without giving a reason, refused to sell him replacement tickets.

The US Airways supervisor told Shahin that his tickets had been refunded and that he would have to go to another airline. The supervisor offered Shahin a customer service phone number.

Now you tell me who's ghetto? (more when you continue)