2011 Men’s Fashion is All About Women’s Sandals and Handbags

October 5, 2015

Milan Men’s Fashion Week for Spring 2011 is all about gay pride (so it seems). Men walking the walk wearing sandals, handbags, and even jewelry all made for a man, but appearing to be feminine enough for a woman.

I find it baffling that so many designers don’t select very many African American’s because black people allegedly don’t have the right look to inspire buyers. However, those same designers see the looks of these men as being what’s necessary to succeed as a model?

Are they sending the message that the world has gone gay, or are they simply saying that the gay man is what sells men’s designer apparel and accessories? Please enlighten me, because surely I’m not having any morning, noon, or evening eye candy moments here.

It may not even be so much that the models are obviously gay, but did they have to go so far as to parlay in girly-girl sandals and such in designer brands that is favored by all? (Versace, Emporio Armani, Gucci…)

The biggest questions that come to mind here are: 1) What real man could ever be inspired by this mess? and 2) What type of woman would want to see her man in any of this?

Celebrity hairstylist, Derek J said it best when he said: “All Men Will Soon Be Wearing High Heel Shoes,” yet it will be for every other reason in the word that black women have a hard time finding a “real” good man.