New Web Series: Black Girls In Rome Exploring Love

January 20, 2016

*Positive images of black women exploring love are not often seen – or welcome – on American TV, so many of us have gotten our #blacklove fix via the various web series that document the Black woman’s romantic experiences.

Now director Dr. Tamara Pizzoli is inviting women to explore black love in Rome, Italy with her new web series “In Nero: Black Girls in Rome.”

A native of Texas, Pizzoli is an author and first time filmmaker who has spent the last 8 years living in Italy. In “Black Girls in Rome”, “she shares her own personal story and the narratives of other Black women who have made the eternal city their home.”

“Black Girls in Rome” was a collaborative effort between Pizzoli, visual artist/photographer Sara Shamsavari and cinematographer James Maiki. The creative series “seeks to appropriately highlight and share the narratives of Black women in the eternal city through a variety of artistic mediums.”

The web series revolves around a New York woman who relocates to Rome in order to escape the drama of her cheating boyfriend. She immediately becomes immersed in Roman culture and finds pleasure with a new boy-toy.

Last year, Pizzoli explained to BrownGirlsFly what she loves most about traveling and living abroad.

“I love the whimsy and the storyline of it all. I recognize it as a gift. I live in Rome, so it’s incredibly visually stimulating. I love that drinking wine and indulging isn’t frowned upon here. There’s a definite sense of “enjoy your life” that permeates the culture. It’s just a different perspective on life put into practice. Everyone I know here is either married, actively looking for love, or has a lover. Being loved and loving — that’s what reigns supreme,” she said.

Check out the trailer (shown above) for “Black Girls in Rome” which is slated to debut this Spring. And take a look at Dr. Pizzoli’s other web series “In Nero: Black Girls In Rome, Portraits and Narratives” as well.

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