A Hot Mess: Radio Host Goes Ham On Black Female Republican

July 19, 2011

What have you done in the heart of the 9th Congressional District to be rewarded the position as representative? That's all he wanted to know. But, this heated political discussion between an unknown radio host and a black female republican currently running for the 9th Congressional District of Tennessee is the epitome of bad communication.

Watch as the host aggressively attacks the lady with verbal obscenities then politely tells her to get her a** up out the building when she was ready to cut the interview short without answering what he considered to be a simple question.

“Get your stupid ignorant a** up out my studio. Another token a** negro who wants white folks to approve you. Take your stupid a** on out my damn building, because I'm tired of you negroes being bogged by white folks…. Get your a** up out of here. You don't need to stop and talk, take your a** up out the door.”

What are your thoughts?