Ad Campaign: Ford Helps Explain What It Means When People Act Brand New

August 7, 2012

Ford is keeping the urban movement going with their latest ad campaign, called “Brand New.” The campaign features a series of 30 second commercials that attempt to give you a detailed explanation of what it means when people say: “You're acting brand new.” The first 30 second spot debuted during the season finale of “The Game,” which aired on BET on June 5, 2012.

Many of you may remember comedian Kevin Hart from Ford's last campaign. With the new campaign, “We wanted to expand upon our past efforts of utilizing comedy, which you saw in our 2011 Ford Explorer multicultural creative campaign, as a way to engage consumers while spotlighting the Escape as a vehicle of change in its owners' lives,” said Shawn Lollie, Ford manager, Multicultural Marketing.

“We created a series of characters who have their lives turned completely upside down once the featured family, the Browns, purchases an all-new Escape.

The idea behind the campaign was sparked by the concept of being referred to as “brand new.” Brand New, a saying often used in the African American community, refers to a person who has tried something new or who has bettered him or herself in some form or fashion. In this campaign, it also happens to be the African American interpretation of the “Go Further” platform recently announced by Ford.

In the video below, one of the campaign characters gives you several signs to look for when people have started to act brand new on you. For more visit the Ford Escape Youtube channel Here.