All-Natural Organic Vitamin Vodka Hits The Market

November 10, 2015

Move over vitamin water. The makers of an all-natural and organic vodka, infused with vitamins has hit the market. The first of its kind vitamin vodka is described by vodka connoisseurs as the ultimate, premium vodka blend in the world. Revered by celebrities, VIP’s, royal family members and individuals who appreciates the finer things in life.

According to the makers, Vitamin Vodka is made from organic Australian sugarcane and the pure waters of the Hunter Valley. It features a smooth, crisp palate with subtle citrus notes, and claims to contain natural ingredients that will prevent the dreaded hangover.

And if you’re looking for unique gift ideas, and ready to dish out $1500 for an alcohol beverage, Vitamin Vodka is elegantly presented in a stunning glass decanter, and gift box.