B. Scott's Stylist? – Everyone Can't do Black Hair

May 20, 2010

I'm almost certain this can't be B. Scott's regular hair stylist being that his hair always looks pretty nice.  Scott's hair is “naturally” beautiful.

I won't talk too bad about this stylist, as I'm sure he has his specialties. But I won't lie, the most cross eyed thing that I've ever heard is that it takes 48 hours for the hair bulb to dry (inside and out).  Hair Bulb?  Who uses that term and what book was he reading when he learned this or is that something he just made up himself? I won't even sit here and say it's not true, but I aint never heard no ishywah like that before. Also, if he knows all that, I'm sure he must also know to blow dry the hair while dripping wet is definitely not a good thing.