Bad Wig Wearing Intervention Session

November 2, 2015

I pray everyday and ask the Lord: Please don’t let me go there. And if I do, I ask the Lord: Please forgive me for I have sinned. I try to be nice. I really do. But for some people nothing can save them.

Now with that being said… Today, I found out the folks over at Hello Beautiful are a bad influence. I happened to stumble across an article on Gayle King’s Wigs, and all sorts of things went through my mind I shall not mention. We all have our bad days, and that’s okay. But understand, sometimes what you think is cute, just might not be. Understand, I am not the only one who can only take so much, and will not remain silent when it comes to the looks of a bad fitting hair piece.

If truth be told

“We love Gayle but hate her wigs,” said TeamBeautiful. “Meaning, please someone help this incredibly smart, talented, beautiful, well-to-do woman not have such a mess on her head at all times.”