Chamique Holdsclaw Talks Mental Health and Fighting Depression

December 1, 2015

Depression is a huge health concern among African-Americans (particularly women), but mental health is often stigmatized in the black community. Retired WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw, who has been clinically diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder, hopes to change the way society views individuals with mental health issues.

“I just knew that mental health was definitely a taboo topic,” Holdsclaw said in a recent interview. “I remember when I first came out about it in D.C. how embarrassed I was. Now, I want to put a face to this illness.

“When I went on to high school and college I was still dealing with these issues. The thing is you’re in this protective environment,” Holdsclaw said. “My grandmother made sure I saw a therapist and the same with Coach [Pat] Summitt. Transitioning to a pro, I didn’t have that same protection. So to deal with these issues when there’s so much more at stake was a little bit overwhelming for me.”

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