Chamique Holdsclaw Talks Mental Health and Fighting Depression

December 1, 2015

At the height of her career, the pressure continued to mount. The death of her grandmother triggered mental issues that led to a diagnosis of clinical depression. As an athlete, Holdsclaw says it’s a difficult task to admit to your mental shortcomings. As an African-American, the challenge is even more daunting.


“The African-American community is a community based on faith. A lot of the source of our strength is church,” the six-time WNBA All-Star said. “For so long we think that’s the No. 1 thing that will get us through anything. It’s, ‘Oh, pray … pray away!’

“In this case, when you’re dealing with a chemical imbalance, you can’t just pray that away. You can use that as assistance, but you have to go and get help.”

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