Chris Brown Offically Apologizes for Domestic Disturbance

April 7, 2011

After 5 long months of mental rehabilitation from making an uncontrolled decision and taking a thorough beating from the public for his mistake — singer Chris Brown has finally come forward to issue and official apology to his fans.

Back in February Chris Brown and Rihanna caused one of the biggest media outbursts in 2009 next to Nadia giving birth to 8 babies at one time and the unexpected death of Michael Jackson.

I for one, being a mother of young adults, never appreciated the damage people were trying to do to Chris at such a young age.  Everyone makes mistakes.  His was in no way acceptable — but surely not bigger than life itself.

I also still believe there's much more to Chris and Rihanna's story that no-one will probably ever really know — but good for the both of them that they're finally moving forward.  Life Goes On… You live and you learn.