Class Is In Session: Halle Berry Style Haircut Demo

January 27, 2014

First let me just say that there are sooooo many hidden treasures on youtube, but just like a Nordstrom's Rack you have to realllllly dig deep to find them.

One thing I've noticed in the beauty category is that not too many African American hair professionals offer a full how-to-video — but you can find tons that are composed from other races.  Hummmmmmm — in some ways I can understand why — but overall it's just a wonder.

The following video is an excellent video on how to achieve a contour barber haircut.  Although there are a few ways this cut can be acomplished, I found this video to be very well put together.  The barber/stylist goes by the name of Christina Goree and according to her profile, she's an educator — so I guess that explains why she has no problem with sharing her secrets.

The finished look for this particular cut can be styled in just about any of the short short cuts that are out today.  Controlling the legnth of the cut and adding different twists to it is all in the hands of the stylist :~))