College Hill's 'Kyle' Dances at Outre Hair Show

July 7, 2014

I'd just like to know when Kyle from College Hill South Beach started dancing at hair shows? LMAO but j/k :~)) — however, you gotta admit that the guy dancing at the Outre Hair Show in Atlanta sure does have a swag like him.


About Kyle: He's a drama queen who shrieks at the thought of women's body parts. He's that gay. Yes him is — although regardless — Everybody Loves Kyle — within 45 seconds of appearing on camera, Kyle, set BET College Hill off — He brought “hollywood” (drama) to South Florida and without him the show would be quite boring.

As far as the Outre Hair Show, you can enjoy a little of one of the better “youtube videos” from 2007 below.  You can also check out the article on Ultima — Natural Organic Hair Extensions