Comedian Cedric The Entertainer Talks Health, Career, and Mike Brown

October 5, 2015

Comedian Cedric The Entertainer sat down with The Wall Street Journal and spoke candidly about health, career moves, and the current Mike Brown situation.

Having grown up in the St. Louis area, Cedric The Entertainer believes the relationship between the community and the police has been strained there much longer than the rest of the nation knows. “The community is poised to pounce. They are upset about it. This Mike Brown situation is one circumstance,” he said. “But growing up in St. Louis and living there, this is not new to us.”

He also believes, “Policing in the African-American is getting a bit aggressive. There’s something to be done on a national level, looking at how people are policed in their neighborhood.”

Listen to the entire interview below: