Don't Hate: Strippers Fight The Government

July 23, 2013

This documentary is the true story about Black Male Exotic Dancers (from October 2006 to April 2007) who stood up and fought the Prince Georges County Government in federal court for their Constitutional Right to perform exotic dance for women (with a Black lawyer) and won! Despite the title, there is no nudity in the film.

“Too often in film, Black Men are portrayed as innately savage, animalistic, destructive and criminal. They are depicted as an anti-social predators terrifying the community in which they dwell. This film depicts Black People (as they truly are) as people relating to other people — not as mere plot devices and not as characters defined solely by how they relate to the white world.When the government tried to take away the dancers constitutional rights they did not riot in the streets or picket in front of a government building. Instead, they got a lawyer and went to court to fight the government…It is not often that Black Men fight the government in federal court with a Black lawyer and win!”

Screening at The Black Film Festival (Germany and California May and June 2008).  If you missed it like I did (sighhhhh)