Douglas Says Fashions and History Repeating Itself

November 3, 2015

Looking at the above 1996 video, who can be for certain what designer Cornell Simpkin was trying to say when he brought out his male models to work his designs on the runway? When viewing, I was expecting to be thrown back. However, I was thrown off by everything. Watch at your own risk.

Nonetheless, designer Douglas Says came correct in the video below with some of his sexy color blocking designs to make up for the madness. The display of grown and sexy dresses, classic wide-leg jumpsuits, and distinctive color-blocking design patterns are reminiscent design patterns of the 50’s through the 70’s. What we can see is when going back in time a few years, even a few decades, it’s clear how fashion really repeats itself.

“The word is about, there’s something evolving. Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving. They say the next big thing is here; that the revolution’s near, but to me it seems quite clear that it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.”

  • Douglas Says

    I thank you for your appreciation of my work…ds