Dove Brown Continues to Put the Norwood's Family Business Out There

October 5, 2015

If you're not familiar with Dove Brown aka “C-Dove,” he's Brandy and Ray J's brother from a different mother. Dove has been crying out to the Norwood's for quite some time now because he'd like to be closer to his family, but his father, Willie Norwood doesn't acknowledge him.

Now, with the airing of the Norwood's new reality show, “Family Business,” Dove has a lot more to add to the story making the reality definitely seem like the Norwood's have family business that's unfinished.

In the following video, Dove explains how it felt the first time he met his younger brother Ray J, and how his father is basically wearing the panties in his marriage for allowing his wife, Sonja Norwood to keep him away from his other children (yes children as in plural). He makes a good point when he asks how can a family come on television and represent themselves as the perfect family when the father has kids that were born outside the marriage and are not even being acknowledged? That sounds disfunctional. Keep It Real Norwood's, that's what reality is all about.

It's obvious that C-Dove is filled with pain, and he probably even despises how good Brandy and Ray J are living since he's had to do nothing but struggle all his life. He also mentioned during one of his interviews that he believes both Brandy and Ray J are abusing drugs. 😮