Dr. Susan M. Taylor Talks Brown Skin and Tips for Dry Skin Care

October 29, 2015

For Dry Skin: Dry skin can occur any time of the year. However, the most prevalent time period is during the Winter months, when the weather is cold and humidity is low. Not only does dry skin create a dull appearance, but it can also cause skin to itch.

Dry Skin Care Tips:

– Put humidity back into the air with a humidifier

– Distribute plants around the room to increase humidity

– Prevent loss of oils in the skin by limiting shower-time to 5 minutes using lukewarm water.

– Avoid deodorant and anti-bacterial soaps

– Moisturize several times a day

– After bathing apply moisturize to damp skin

– Avoid wool gloves, scarves, and hats, because they tend to dry your skin out (believe it or not).