Egyptian Lover: A Look Back in Time with Dior’s Spring 2004 Couture Collection

November 4, 2015

Before John Galliano’s downfall for being drunk and making anti-semic comments in public, he had the House of Christian Dior rocking with his wild and vivid imagination.

Taking a look back at Spring /Summer 2004, and possibly one of Dior’s best shows, Galliano gave us a clear visual of ancient Egypt for the brand’s couture collection using Cleopatra as his ideal beauty. The collection was inspired by a trip to Cairo and Luxor, and consisted of lots of extravagant metallic gold and silver, crocodile leather and leopard print dresses, over-sized jeweled earrings, and beaded turtoise neckpieces.

“I imagined Princess Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and put them together with the photos of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn,” explained Galliano. “Et Voila! It’s tres Dior.”