Exclusive: The Life and Style of NBA Wife Jackie Christie

October 14, 2015

Some of you may have seen her on Season 2 of Basketball Wives, being a role model to black women in failed or failing marriages (I kid), but on the other side of the screen, Jackie Christie, wife of former NBA player Doug Christie, has a lot going on, as a talented fashion designer, model, best-selling author, and owner of a successful record label. She took some time out of her busy schedule to fill us all in on exactly what she’s been up to.

It should first be noted, Christie has been dubbed for being one of “The Original Basketball Wives.” She’s been happily married for the past 16 years, and when asked if she was planning a divorce anytime soon, she responded:

“LOL!! No, absolutely not! Doug and I are deeply committed to each other and we love each other, we are truly best friends.” In fact, “Doug and I are actually planning our next wedding currently as well,” she said. So, sorry ladies, Doug Christie won’t be on the market anytime soon.

Christie, who was recently named NAPW’s (National Association of Professional Women) 2010/2011 Professional Woman of the Year, for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession is currently working on her own upcoming web series, “Jackie Christie Knows Best,” penning her fifth book, “Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide to Sexual Intimacy,” and much more.

SB: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming web series, “Jackie Christie Knows Best.” I notice a lot of talents are going the web series route. Do you see this as an ongoing trend, particularly for African Americans? What do you plan to accomplish with your web series?

JC: Yes, I surely do, as more and more people are getting online and watching programs its becoming easier to get your own programs out there. It is going to become the way to go very soon. Although, TV is still going to be the main show platform, the web will play an even bigger role then it does now.

I hope to accomplish great things with my “Jackie Christie Knows Best” web series, like helping women and men with common questions about lots of things as well as sharing tons of very informative and entertaining content. I want my series to be the go to place for everyone that wants to not only be entertained but also be educated as well.

SB: Any sneak peaks, or do we just have to wait a little longer?

JC: LOL yes, just a lil bit longer. It will be fun, exciting and entertaining. I will have lots of surprises as well as great guest and more.

SB: Tell us a little bit about your new book, “SEXUAL RELATIONS: A His & Hers Guide to Sexual Intimacy.” That sounds kind of hot. What inspired you to write this book?

JC: My new book “SEXUAL RELATIONS: A His and Hers Guide To Greater Intimacy” is a modern day sex bible. It will be the go to book for men and women to help them experience greater intimacy in their lives. I feel I have been extremely blessed with a strong libido and sexual desire which I feel is a big part of having a strong and committed relationship or marriage. I have been blessed with my husband Doug in that he love me and desires me in the deepest possible way. We are always asked how we are still so much in love, so now in my new book I will share my secrets to having our long-lasting beautiful and fulfilling relationship as well as many other surprises.

On Fashion: Jackie Christie Spring 2010 Collection


SB: I understand you are a fashion designer. How long have you been designing clothes?

JC: I have been deigning clothes since I was 3 years old and when I grew up after being a model for a long time I decided to launch my official Fashion House of Jackie Christie, Inc. when my husband played for the Toronto Raptors. By the time we went to Sacramento for him to play I was designing for the players on his team and the wives and the rest is history.

What inspires you to come up with your new collections?

JC: I’m inspired by my love of clothes, handbags and shoes. I’m a girl’s girl and a fashion junky at heart so it comes natural to me. I can vision my new line just by seeing a pretty color or fabric and then my visions are born.

SB: Who is your favorite designer right now besides yourself 🙂 and why?

Wow, I love all designers because everyone has a unique vision, but my super favorite is Gucci, Fendi, and Chanel. They all encompass a style and beauty in their designs & I love the quality and detail that goes into their clothes & I love how it feels on the body.

On a side note, Christie just debuted her Fall /Winter 2011 “Jackie Christie Black Collection” this past February during NBA All-Star Weekend 2011. Below, she shares with us some of this season’s fashion do’s and don’ts for women.

Five Do’s This Season Are:
1. Have black in your wardrobe. It’s sexy and intimate and will definitely make you look great.

2. A pair of knee high boots are a must! They can be flats for comfort but they should reach the knee.

3. Leggings are a must. Not only are they comfy, but they’re sexy and easy to match as well.

4. Jean jackets are so hip, fun and sexy. Jean jackets can be dressed up or down and the vintage/worn look is just a good as the brand new ones.

5. A car coat is an absolute must with the weather being so unpredictable. IT will keep you warm and looking super hot. Be sure to toss a fun scarf around your neck, too! Instant fashionista!

Five Don’ts This Season Are:
1. Don’t try to wear what everyone else does. Just do you.

2. Wearing colors that match to a T. Like a purple shirt to match purple shoes, get it?

3. Wearing too many accessories. It over shadows you and your clothes. Be selective, less is more.

4. Don’t wear crayons! Lol, remember the shoes we wore back then?

5. Don’t wear big, bold stripes.

Other Accomplishments:

SB: I understand, you’re also the C.E.O. of Jean Rah Fya Records. Any new artists coming out that we should be on the lookout for?

JC: Yes, be on the lookout for our newest artist Alexis. Her single is available on iTunes called “Heaven Without You”.

SB: How are things going with the label?

JC: Everything is going fantastic. The artist are happy, excited and striving everyday to put out great music and they never cease to amaze us.

Sorry folks, no comment on weather or not she’ll be joining the rest of the ladies on Basketball Wives for Season 3, but overall, Jackie Christie gave us a wonderful interview. If you didn’t know much about her before, you surely know a little bit more about her now.

SB: Is there anything else that you would like to share?

JC: Yes, I’m doing the twitter thing and would love some new twitter pals. So please come follow me @JackieChristie and I will follow you back.