Flashing Back with Betty Wright and “The Clean Up Woman”

March 22, 2014

Betty Wright speaks volumes in all her songs, that's what I love so much about old school music.

In this “live” performance, Betty talks about the clean up woman — you know — the women who come along and has her way with your man when you not paying attention (i.e. Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union, Fantasia…). Only not only is she letting you know how cold cold a clean up woman can be, she breaks it down for you; how to be a good one.

“See in order to be a real clean up woman, YOU got to have… your very own broom! ” She goes on by calling out Millie Jackson for having a sassy broom, Janet Jackson for having a platinum broom, Madonna for having a nasty broom, Oprah for having a big old broom, and Whitney Houston for having a little whisk broom (a teeny little whisk broom)…. Then she says even she has a broom (sholl-nuff) Betty Wright got an old broom, but one thing she says you should know… the new broom sweeps clean, oh but the old broom knows the corners! That's why she'll clean it up…”

So yeah ummmmm… what kind of broom do YOU have? Because surely you have one, you're lying to yourself if you think you don't.