From His Woman to You vs. I'm His Only Woman

July 22, 2013

Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson collaborated on a new single entitled “I'm His Only Woman” now playing below.  The song is a combination of two classic hits, Shirley Brown's “Woman to Woman” and Barbara Mason's “From His Woman to You.

While I like Fantasia and JHud together on this oldie but goodie combo remake, when I listen to the sound and compare it with the originals, it's just OK. Nothing ever quite compares to original classics.

If I had to choose out of the 3 songs which one gets my vote, it would be Barbara Mason's “From His Woman to You” hands down. (whispering) that's the truth… I'M HIS ONLY WOMAN, and I LOVE HIM who cares what Shirley Brown, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson crying about.