Glynis Albright’s Tips for Making Healthy Desserts

November 1, 2015

Glynis Albright, wife of acclaimed saxophonist Gerald Albright, is the owner of Just Sweet Enough, Inc., a gourmet cake, cookie and gift basket company specializing in low-sugar gourmet desserts. She operates her business ( from home which is web-driven in Castle Rock, CO. , and for anyone trying to build their own home business, knowing her success is an inspiration in itself.

Glynis is currently a Natural Health Student, working toward her doctorate’s degree. She became interested in natural health after she was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to radically change her life.

“My eating changed. What I ate, when I ate, and how I ate my food, changed,” she said. She decided to create a desert line that would substitute or reduce sugar and fat whenever possible. Now healed from her illness, Glynis is proud to share her scrumptious treats with you.

Glynis’ Sweet Potato Poundcake was recently featured on the Food Network: “Road Tasted with The Neely’swhich by the way is a show that I would recommend anyone who likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen, to tune into.