Is There Really A God? Tracy Morgan Says Yes! He Spoke To Me

November 30, 2015

For some, having faith in God comes natural. We know a higher power exists and there’s no question about our lives being in God’s hands. But, for anybody who has ever suddenly lost someone they truly love, it’s easy to find yourself in a world of disbelief because of all the hurt and pain. It’s easy to begin to question whether there really is life after death, whether there really is a God, and if your loved one is truly resting in peace in a world much better than the one we live in.

Trials test our character, and help shape our faith. God will see you through. Trust him. Click To Tweet

Last June, comedian Tracy Morgan suffered a nearly fatal car accident that left him in a coma for two weeks. During this time Morgan claims he had a supernatural experience that may reassure many that there really is a God. If you truly believe, God gives us many signs that he is real, and in some cases, he even speaks.

In a candid interview with Complex magazine, Morgan said: “You don’t die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me. Something’s going to be missing, something’s going to be gained, you just got to live your life after that,” he said. Morgan also claims that while he was in a coma God spoke to him.

“Do you know what God said to me? He said, ‘Your room ain’t ready. I still got something for you to do.’ And here I am.”

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