HATE CRIMES: Brooklyn Park Attacks and More Hate Continues

October 5, 2015

The hate continues….. and only weeks after an African American woman made national news for being beaten at the hands of a racist white man in broad daylight in the doorway of a Cracker Barrel.

Last week in Brooklyn, New York police responded to a report of an assault in Brooklyn Park. There, they found an 18-year old black man naked with a bleeding, bruised and swollen face. A nearby resident was assisting him and gave him a blanket.

The teen, Derrick Thomas told police he was beaten and robbed by three or four white men who repeatedly called him the N-word, said they hated black people and that they would beat up any black people who walk through the nearby park. The men, he said, were armed with an axe or hatchet and a handgun and stole his cell phone and some other personal items after beating him.

Not long after Thomas was attacked, a second 40 year old black man was attacked in the same park.

Many residents are outraged over what happened to Thomas, who suffers from brain damage which possibly worsened as a result from being beaten. Crimes like the one committed against Thomas were the focus of a rally held on Thursday night to end racism in the community.


A 26-year-old man was arrested in Mountain View, CA for a hate crime, police say, after he allegedly yelled a racial slur at an African-American couple and proceeded to throw a beer container and punches at the male victim. read more