Hummm: Free Samples of Serena Williams' Tampax Pearl

April 30, 2011

I will always love Always, but for you Tampax lovers you might be happy to know that they're giving out frree samples as part of a promotional campaign.  The new promotion also includes using Serena Williams as the brand Tampax girl.

Procter & Gamble tampon brand has signed a deal with Ms. Williams, who is featured in print ads and Web-only videos, and according to The New York Times Ms. Williams recent on the court PMS episode was never an issue with P&G.  In fact, it may have made things all the better.

“We didn’t ever consider dropping Serena,” said Courtney Schuster, a Tampax brand manager. “She accepted responsibility and apologized for what happened, and we think that demonstrates the strength of her character.”