Is the Industry Destroying DMX or Is he Doing it Himself?

February 18, 2008

In a series of videos entitled: “The Music Industry Exposed,” Farhan, an independent filmmaker, who specializes in educational-style films about 'conspiracies' such as the New World Order and the existence of the Illuminati, observes the behaviors of several artists in the music industry including: Jay-Z, the late Tupac, LaToya Jackson, KRS-One, and many others, to bring awareness of what goes on in the entertainment world that seem to get overlooked.

The following video is Part 6 of the series, entitled: “Destroying DMX.” While the video is good, it really trys hard to portray DMX in a positive light by claiming that he's a new man by worshiping God and escaping the evil he was once involved with despite the fact that DMX continues to fight a drug addiction and stays in trouble with the law.