Let's Talk About Skin Care with Flawless Paul

June 7, 2011

Flawless Paul pointed out something so very true when he stated that most women, especially professional women simply don't have time to get in the mirror and take care of their skin.  But let's not forget the fact that a lot of people don't really even know how to.  It can be really complicated to “get to know” your skin, not to mention it can also be rather expensive to keep up with the quality products that sometimes are required to get your skin in the right healthy state just to be able to go forward with regular skin care maintenance.

The bottom line is, everyone needs to have a skin care routine incorporated into their lives.  Time and consistency are what we have to give in order to get the results we want to see (and yes, sometimes it can be costly).  In this video which appears to be the first of a series, it explains what skin care is and it also in so many words tells how important it is to get into “yourself” and start taking care of “you”.  Sometimes we get so caught up with making sure everything is good for everybody else, we tend to neglect ourselves.